y00ts: mint t00bs is recently listed nft. It is promoted by DeGods NFT project.

ABC NFT is the second one trading on the magic eden platform. ABC NFT is not a particular project sponsor but it's a famous cause artist.

DeGods NFT is one of the most popular on the magic eden platform. Nowadays DeGods NFT price is 373 sol. A few days ago these NFT prices touched 500sol.

Okay Bears NFT listed in few months ago. Recently these NFT price is 70 sol. These NFT projects create community for the real world.

Ukiyo NFT project work on solana blockchain. Today's NFT price is 5.5 sol. These NFT collection 6.5k only.

Vandals NFT work on web 3. Vandals NFT a few months ago floor price only 4 sol approx. Now these NFT price 15 sol.

Blocksmith Labs is a team of experienced engineers aiming to solve real problems on Solana, whilst providing utility to our holders.

Dumbass Donkeys NFT 10,000 unique digital collectibles roaming the Solana blockchain. Nowadays these NFT floor prices are 2.28 sol.

Liberty Square is not just a PFP project. Liberty Square is a project based in art, lore, and character development with a focus on pushing beyond the walls of web3 and integration into the physical world.