"Ticket to Paradise" reunites George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

t's the kind of thing that would normally find a home on a streaming service like Netflix or Peacock instead of a big-screen release.

"Ticket to Paradise" feels like a breath of fresh air for not having any pre-existing intellectual property.

Ol Parker's script and direction only meet his overly talented cast halfway.

The journey to that predictable destination feels so stagnant is the real heartbreak.

It's fitting and welcome to see Clooney and Roberts back on the big screen together.

They're as able and invested in selling David and Georgia as having a checkered past as possible.

"Ticket to Paradise" does not aim for a lot of big laughs.

"Ticket to Paradise" looks like it was heavenly to film, in many ways.

As easy as the process may have been, it did not result in something sparkling or miraculous.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts remain two of the best, most charismatic movie stars.