He played a variety of characters on the show, including a version of himself.

A southern-based sketch had references to "The Dark Knight" and "Survivor".

The sketch was one of the stranger sketches of the episode.

The sketch about Jack Harlow pitching his Pixar movie was one of the best of the night.

It was a little depressing to see how much Hanks has aged in the past six years.

Jack Harlow had not yet been tested on "SNL," and his monologue didn't inspire much confidence.

Bowen Yang and Jack Harlow do repeatedly as showy bartenders.

The sketch is simply the worst from this episode, which was overall pretty dang good.

There's a lot of unnecessary hand gestures, which feels like a result of his rap career.

Harlow got much better as the night went on, and deserves credit for having a good time.

Drunk Uncle was a favorite of mine.

Colin Jost and Michael Che delivered scathing takes on Kanye West and the week's headlines.

Stay tuned for more of a deep dive on "Saturday Night Live".