The Midnight Club is now available to stream on Netflix.

The first season's finale isn't as straightforward or clear-cut as some might expect.

The closing moments of the season 1 finale even unveil a twist that few will likely see coming.

It's not an entirely open-ended hour of television, however.

The Midnight Club wraps up its first season with a major twist.

Dr. Stanton's hair turned out to be a wig the whole time.

The episode also revealed a secret Paragon tattoo.

It seems like she could have been a member of the Paragon this whole time.

Netflix's The Midnight Club may have revealed Dr. Stanton is actually the daughter of Athena Aceso, who disappeared after the Paragon's sacrificial practices were discovered.

That would explain why she knows so much about the cult and why she was so against Ilonka's attempts to replicate their practices.