"The Mean One" is an unauthorized parody of Hallmark Christmas movies and a Dr. Seuss Christmas classic.

The film can't carve out its own identity outside of what it is trying to parody.

Reviewer says the film's dark and dreary visual aesthetic isn't in a good way.

"The Mean One" looks like it was heavily de-saturated in post-production.

The film's strange sound design is distracting and could make or break the movie for you.

Every performance the film has to offer is either flat or trying too hard to be campy.

"The Mean One" stars David Howard Thornton who played Art the Clown in "Terrifier 2".

"Terrifier 2".t-so-gruesome murders are capped off with some distracting CGI blood effects.

The film probably wouldn't have been better if the Christmas-hating villain skinned a victim alive.

Even an hour and thirty minutes seems far too long to stretch out just one joke.