"The Curse of Bridge Hollow" could exist in the same cinematic universe as "Hubie Halloween".

It's as if Rob Riggle and Lauren Lapkus have just wandered over from another set to play supporting characters.

It's all very familiar, and dispiritingly so.

Priah Ferguson stars as 14-year-old Sydney, who's moved from Brooklyn to Bridge Hollow with her parents just as October 31 is approaching.

Ferguson has been a no-nonsense scene-stealer over the past couple seasons of "Stranger Things".

Her undaunted delivery is similar as she tries to convince her father that strange things are indeed afoot.

The film from director Jeff Wadlow doesn't offer much of a coherent, engaging story.

It consists of a series of exposition dumps alternating with shrieky set pieces.

Lapkus plays a New England mayor with a ridiculously thick New England accent.

The legend of Stingy Jack is stitched onto her sweater (or sweatah).

"Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween" is a lot of running and screaming.

There are plenty of perfunctory jump scares as well as some especially cheesy visual effects.

There's a series of extremely obvious needle drops to buoy you along.