Episode 5 is in the books and we near the culmination of the second arc in this first season.

Syril Karn continues to be the most interesting and complex character the series has introduced so far.

The primary characters in Andor feel like real people living out their lives.

Cassian and Skeen have the most apparent trust issues.

Skeen and Nemik are the most likely candidates to die in the heist, but I could also see everyone barring Cassian die.

That's unfortunate because this episode did a lot of work establishing an interesting dynamic between Mon Mothma and her family.

Episode 5 of Andor, The Axe Forgets dropped on Wednesday and did not disappoint.

Eedy's interference is suffocating Syril, and I do not doubt that he will explode and take his mother with him.

The lack of support in the family dynamic is disturbing and shows a cancerous catalyst in the making.

Even the Mothmas are not immune to family disorders.

The pace of The Axe Forgets started to bother me.

There's a lot on the line, but they're all fighting for the same cause.

Cassian's "apology" felt refreshing because it was somber and reflective, and Cassian appreciated it.

Andor is the only one to actually see it through.

The dialogue between Nemik and Cassian provides an extra layer of realism.

Andor is nothing like any Star Wars spin-off. However, it still manages to feel distinctly Star Wars.