An accidental dose of gamma-radiated blood alters Jennifer Walters' body chemistry.

The lawyer is driven by rage and pursued by online trolls.

She's released from the Damage Control facility only to be let go from GLK&H.

Mallory offers her a plea deal, but it comes at a hefty price.

Mallory, Jen and Nikki are on a quest to track down Intelligencia and the man at the top, HulkKing.

They've created a posterboard of all sorts of leads, but so far all they've found dead ends.

Jen's mom shows them a video of her dancing around in her pajamas while at college.

I'm not running from my problems.

It's a mental health break, Jen declares.

HulkKing reaches out to recruit Pug for a private meeting.

Nikki puts a headphone in Pug's ear and instructs her to refer to all women as "females".

Todd goes on a rampage about how She-Hulk wouldn't even have her powers without the Hulk.

She slams through the title card for the show and lands on Marvel Studios' Assembled.

He's the most advanced entertainment algorithm in the world, and can produce near perfect products.

K.E.V.I.N. wants to know why She-Hulk ended the show the way it did.

She's back in New York with her family and Matt. Daredevil shows up to help her out.