Megan Thee Stallion pulls double duty as host and musical guest.

Justin Timberlake is easily the best to take on this challenge on several occasions.

This sketch felt like it should have been in the 10-to-1 slot as the weirdest of the night.

There are some hilarious visual gags with quick cuts to each of the guys' goofy facial expressions.

The sketch you see above comes from a recorded version of "Saturday Night Live's" workout class segment.

In this online form, the sketch actually doesn't seem all that bad.

On the other hand, the live version of the sketch was a nightmare.

There were cuts that completely missed their cue, so we were hearing characters off-screen without seeing them until it was too late.

The dress rehearsal version of the C-SPAN cold open was a disaster to watch.

Bowen Yang was top notch in this sketch, especially when he shouts "No!" towards the end.

Overall, the episode felt like it was hampered by Megan Thee Stallion's star power.

Megan Thee Stallion brought an alluring level of confidence to her role as "SNL" host.

Her high profile made it difficult for her to disappear into the sketches.

Weekend Update was probably the best part of the entire evening.

Michael Che and Colin Jost have some of the best jokes of the night.

Chloe Fineman and Heidi Gardner's appearance as Texas women who think "Hocus Pocus 2" is satanic was funny.