"Return to Seoul," a restless, roaming adoption drama directed and written by Davy Chou.

Freddie Benoit (Park Ji-Min) doesn't want to meet her biological parents.

But like the pull of gravity, she finds herself unable to stop herself from beginning a journey in search of her roots.

Chou's "Return to Seoul" is an intimate character drama about a knotty issue.

The film is based on the experiences of Chou's friend, who met her biological father and mother for the first time.

Freddie is unapologetic about who she is, even if she doesn't conform to Korean cultural norms.

Freddie doesn't seem to be able to put her confidence into words.

Maybe it's a front that gets unraveled by the possibility of meeting her biological parents.

When she meets her biological father (Oh Kwang-rok), his overwrought reaction to her makes her uncomfortable.

Park's Freddie shapeshifts between different characters, sometimes of her own accord, sometimes by accident.