Netflix release a character introduce trailer of "Berlin."

Netflix announced in 2021 about this series and now confirmed that they work on this plan.

The money hiest Berlin again come with his charm and one of the most favourite character of that series.

Spanish actor Pedro Alonso played a role of Berlin. And here we can see a Berlin's early life story.

Andrés de Fonollosa aka Berlin’s backstory before robbery in bank of Spain, life in Paris and beyond.

Netflix introduce other satrcast of this sequal.

They revealed that Keila, played by Michelle Jenner who is is an electronics specialist.

Damián role played by Tristán Ulloa and she is Berlin's confidant and philanthropic professor.

Cameron role Played by Begoña Vargas and Joel Sánchez as Bruce.

Julio Peña Fernández will be  playing a role of  Roi.

Terrifier 2 will screaming on Screambox, after theratical release however they didn't reveal date of OTT platform.