"My Policeman" tells the story of a married couple in 1950s England.

The film is a touching and sometimes laborious emotional roller coaster.

There are structural slowdowns that mar the overall experience, but overall, it feels like this one could have a second life on streaming.

"My Policeman" is beautiful to look at, full of stunning shots of the seaside city of Brighton.

The movie puts a heavy focus on art, and there is lots of it throughout.

Composer Steven Price is perhaps best known for his score for "Gravity," which won an Academy Award.

The music in "My Policeman" is superb.

It's an example of a good score acting in service of a film.

Dawson is the acting standout of this film.

His performance is layered with deep nuance, and it is unflinchingly raw and emotional.

For Everett, it's hard to not catch him falling back into how green he really is in this arena.

Corrin has a particular talent for holding tight to the core of her character's emotional life.

The adult cast are responsible for the impact of the film's tear-jerker ending.

The film's pacing and structure are perhaps the biggest missteps in this film.

Screenwriter Ron Nyswaner brings a lot of great character elements to this story.

"My Policeman" is a pretty flat adaptation as far as adaptations go.

The film has a flawed script for Grandage to work from, but he also doesn't do much to punch up Bethan Roberts' novel source material.