Mid-autumn festival is the second most important festival in China after Chinese New Year.

According to a Chinese lunar calendar, mid-autumn festival celebrate at 15th day of eighth month.

Basically it comes in September or early October. At this day chienes people have a public holiday.

Chinese people celebrating this festival since 3000 years for thanking to the moon for  harvest.

In this festival famies planning to reunion and praying for good health and happiness.

The other asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia and philipiens people celebrate mid-autumn festival but tere is no public holiday for it.

People celebrate it with many ways like 1) Enjoying a Dinner with Family 2) Eating moon cakes 3) Appreciating the moon 4) Worship the moon 5) Making and caring mid-autumn festival leterns.

The modern people celebrate them by goin on vacation and travel other cities and celebrate it.

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