Pixar surprisely announced inside out 2.

Inside out 2 is sequence of pixar's 2015 instant classic. this is super emotional film and one of the studio's best overall.

Privious director pete Doctor would be  not able to direct this one so kesly Mann replace him as a director.

Inside out 2 is written by Meg LeFauve and produce by Mark nielsen.

This is definitely exitment in audience for this movie because 2015 movie was collected total $800 million and hopefully this one perform like that.

However audience feel some dear about how this will all turn and new director gave his best for this movie

But we can trust on Kesly Mann and Pixar movies so just finger cross and wait for this  master class.

According to rumour Bill hader and Mindy Kaling exit from  cast but amy poehler remain as joy

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