"House of the Dragon" is about a family, and "family" means: "Guys can we please pretend that we can stand each other long enough to get through one lousy meal?".

Both sides returned to their respective corners to nurse their wounds and their grudges until they festered and suppurated.

This week's episode of "Modern Family" depicts one last doomed, smiling, though-gritted-teeth attempt to smooth things over — or at least to be publicly seen as trying to do so.

The episode is all about family, and the year's worth of bottled-up resentments that come with it.

It's been six years since Laenor Velaryon faked his death and sailed away to Fantasy P-Town.

His son Corlys has dealt with his grief by taking to the sea and conquering the Stepstones.

But word has now reached Driftmark that Corlys is suffering a fever from a nasty battle wound.

Corlys' younger brother Vaemond feels strongly that he should inherit the Driftwood Throne instead.

Daemon and Rhaenyra worry about Vaemond's petition to the Iron Throne, and wonder if Rhaenys will back him.

Jace is doing his level best to learn Old Valyrian, but it's almost as if his mouth was not shaped to pronounce it correctly.

We will of course not add these adorable li'l yolklings to the official Dragoncount until they hatch.

Daemon, Rhaenyra, Jace, Luke, Joffrey and more arrive at the Red Keep.

The Red Keep has undergone an architectural religious conversion.

There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference to Ser Erryk Cargyll.

In the book, Rhaenyra's naming her first child "Aegon" is a big deal.

We can afford to be a bit more descriptive with our names on the show.

Jace and Luke visit the courtyard they used to train in.

Rhaenyra's offer to marry her sons Jace and Luke to Baela and Rhaena raises more questions than it answers.

The characters' politesse seems to drop, and starts to shade into something more real.

For a fleeting moment, we see glimpses of what House Of The Dragon would look like if it were a family.