AI-generated Zelda posters are making the rounds on social media.

As of writing, these fake images of a supposed Netflix-produced Zelda series have garnered almost 30,000 shares.

The original post by creator Dan Leveille even says that they're fakes.

Made with #midjourney, inpainting with #dalle, some facial correction using Tencent ARC, and a bunch of Photoshop, says Leveille.But seriously, y'all.

I say this, but it's easy to see how people would have been fooled.

He picked some major A-list actors like Tom Holland, Emma Watson, and Idris Elba.

Dall-E is an AI-powered photo-generating software from Midjourney.

he software creates images from text and art without the original artists' consent.

It doesn't require much training to become proficient at generating deepfakes, so we'll see more of these kinds of fakes.

The fake movie posters were created with artificial intelligence.

Dan Leveille used Dall-E to "regenerate" specific features of the actors' faces.

He has previously made a Zelda movie poster out of Tom Holland's image.

Google searches for "Netflix zelda" ballooned from September 25 onward.