Toe-taps are among the most difficult catches to make.

DeAndre Hopkins made a toe-tap catch in the season opener for the Arizona Cardinals.

Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins has 32 toe-tapping catches.

That's the most since ESPN Stats & Information began tracking the phenomenon in 2017.

He'll look to add to that total against the New England Patriots on Monday (8:15 p.m. ET, ESPN).

DeAndre Hopkins has one of the most toe-tap catches in the NFL.

He's been working on it since his high school days.

His ability to contort his body helps him make difficult catches.

"He allows a quarterback to play free," Yates says of the star wide receiver he calls "the best player in the game right now".

Quarterback Tom Yates calls them "unfathomable stuff that other guys won't even try to attempt".