A huge aquarium in Berlin burst spilling debris, water and hundreds of tropical fish.

The AquaDom tourist attraction was in the heart of the German capital early Friday.

The tank unleashed a "veritable tsunami" of water but the early morning timing saved more people from injury.

Nearly all of the 1,500 fish that were inside died, Berlin Mitte district government says.

Police say they found no evidence of a malicious act.

Among the 80 types of fish it housed were blue tang and clownfish, two colorful species known from "Finding Nemo".

About 300 people had to be evacuated from the hotel surrounding the AquaDom aquarium.

Aquarium operator Sea Life said its exhibits were not in danger of similar damage.

The 10-minute elevator ride through the tropical tank was one of the highlights of the attraction.

Animal rights group Peta said the aquarium became a "death trap" for the fish.