Everyone is waiting for a new generation of apple phone, Steve jobs would be full fill a demand of public with apple new iphone-14, yes you read a right sentence according to some media company release their iPhone 14.

According to some reports Company come with a two segments of iPhone. First is pro who have a better camera quality (48mp High quality lense) and not a much design change.

iPhone 14pro support a ecard and one more gossipe is that it would be come  with satellite connectivity.

Apple can remove a mini segment of iPhone and add a plus segment of iPhone.

New iphone is  main product in event but additilly they will announce about they new product like apple watch, new airpods.

Title 2

Apple announced new Apple watch. this watch is updated from a previous one with the benefits of skin temparature and series 8 come with a incremental for one who are athelete and increase their outdoor games.

New Airpods pro would be manufactured by a different design and some additional upadte.

We haven't any information about new iPads version might company announced this in some other events.

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