Saturday Night Live : Megan Thee Stallion Addresses Mental Health in Opening Monologue

Saturday Night Live : Megan Thee Stallion Addresses Mental Health in Opening Monologue

It is a big year for megan thee but it difficult too for her. In the past year she not only make an album Traumazine and travel around the world but also she complete graduation from college. However she was in shock for her mother who passed away in 2019 by brain cancer. Her mother is also a rapper.

Megan is only second women rapper who performed host and musical guest at a Saturday night. The first one is Queen Latifah, who performed and hosted in 2004. In SNL total 36 musicians have pulled double duty as host and musical guest. Tonight Megan thee Stallion join this party as a dual duty. This double duty is need so much hard work, so double duty is a special feat and a challenging for singers.

Her first appearance in this show on Oct. 26, 2019, where show hosted by Chance the Rapper, who was the musical guest too. After that, in 2020 where she is a musical guest and that day episode host by Chris Rock. Where she performed savage and don’t Stop.

However, some bad things happen in her life too. Like a last week some burgers are tried to broke her LA home and robbed thousand of dollars item. After that she says in her Twitter that ” Material things can be replaced but I’m glad everyone is safe.” Additionally, she post a plug in website and say that ” Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too, where she shares mental health resources, including crisis hotlines and directories of Black and LGBTQ therapists.”

Moreover, she told in her SNL apperance, she need some rest because she is tired mentally and physically.

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