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Why real estate is good investment?

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There are numbers of benefits to invest in real estate, here well-chosen asset will give predictable cashback, tax advantages and the best way to built healthy wealth. Here the some reason why real estate is good investment.

Tax advantages

Real estate investors can take lot of advantages in tax brake and they can save a money at tax time. In other word, person will deduct the reasonable costs of owning, operating, and managing a property.

If someone use this advantage wisely, they can find numerous way to brake in tax and save lot of money by this advantage.

Why real estate is good investment?
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Build Equity and Wealth

As I mentioned real estate is best way to built, because in this modern and fluctuate world, this assets give constant raise in your wealth. While you pay property mortgage, that property consider as your wealth. And this wealth give you advantages to build more asset or investment. Because of that, investors can buy more properties and increase cash flow and wealth even more.


Relationship between real estate and GDP growth have a positive relationships, while GDP of country increase, rent of property or demand for property also increase, at the end it beneficial for a investor. In one word, as a economy expand , rent of property increase and this turn into higher capital values.

There are numbers of other benefits like, Competitive Risk-Adjusted Returns, Portfolio Diversification, Appreciation and some other.

There are numbers of companies, which are investing in real estate and give high returns in this field. Here some companies in the USA, which are best for real estate investment in 2022.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate

It is One of the largest real estate company in USA. They have total of 120 years of experience, Coldwell founded in 1906, now it has a total of 3000 offices and even exists in more than 49 countries. That’s the figure show how successful company look a like. They are helping you to find luxurious or something internationally, according to your wish.

Total revenue of Coldwell Banker was $79.0M in 2021. And it has total of 9,066 employees.

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Century 21

Century 21 have a best web site among other, and this is secret why they are in this list. It has founded in 1971 and now it has total of 7000 offices in 74 countries. Century 21 is the most advanced and cutting-edge real estate companies on the market.

Main Focus of company in new technology because of that , if you visit their site, there were total of 100,000 agents on your side who are ready and willing to help.

Century 21 Stores peak revenue was $747.0M in 2021. And this revenue because of new technologies and it has mainly investment in stores and industry.

Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Realty was found in 1983, and in this short time they made one of the largest Real Estate company in the USA. 70/30 is the reason of their success, because of this model they are successful in short time.
70/30 model- 70% for agents and 30% for the brokerage.

If someone is finding good agent, they are best for Every client and they are work for them. This system gave them success over the years. In this industry they are new and highly growing company too.

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Weichert Realtors

It was found in 1969 and now it has total of 10,000 agent in this company. Weichert Realtors also trained their agent for clients so they can establish good relationship with clients and guid them properly.

They are try to find every possible solution for clients so they can find good house, a safe mortgage and other assets, so at the end it will beneficial for both.

It has total of 10,000 employees and total revenue was $2.8B in 2021.

Sotheby’s International Realty

It was founded in 1976 and now it is one of the most reputed company in market. Sotheby’s International Realty has total of 1000 office in 70 countries.
This company operates with lost of luxury properties, which is exit around whole world. Their revenue was billions of dollars.

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