Luckiest girl alive review : Ending Explain [2022 Movie].

Luckiest girl alive is a fiction based story, it is based on school shooting and bomb plot in American schools. This film is based on 2015 novel of the same name “Luckiest girl alive”, written by Jessica Knoll. Most of the seen in this movie are imaginary but Knoll later revealed that the gang rape was based on her own harrowing experience as a teen.

Cast of luckiest girl alive.

Main role played by Mila Kunis as TifAni “Ani” Fanelli and Chiara Aurelia as young Ani.
Her fiance “Luke Harrison” role played by Finn Wittrock.
Andrew Larson and Nell Rutherford role portrayed by Finn Wittrock and Justine Lupe respectively.
Justine Lupe,Jennifer Beals,Connie Britton, Nicole Huff, Gage Munroe played various role in this movie.

This movie is directed by Mike Barker and screen Play by Jessica knoll. Distribution right owned by Netflix.

When luckiest girl alive release?

Luckiest girl alive review : Ending Explain [2022 Movie].
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Luckiest Girl Alive was released in select cinemas on September 30, 2022 and it is streaming on Netflix on October 7, 2022.

Storyline : luckiest girl alive

The story of luckiest girl alive is based on bestselling novel of 2015 same name as movie. Story mostly described about American school’s students life how bullying had done in school by some students and it also gave a hint about a gun culture and rape on female students.

This film tells a story of aniAni Fanelli who formally known as tifani. Currently she is a editor in new York time magazine and soon she will merry with rich and handsome man Luke Harrison. Everything is fine in her life, however one interview of Ani change everything and messed up everything in her life. This interview about her teenage school life where she faced some bullying and did some worst things of her life.

Additionally, after this interview her marriage was cancelled and she released marriage is not a archivement in woman life. She confessed everything to her fiance and broke her picture perfect life. She told him about her past how she survived by that.

Luckiest girl alive : What happened in past.

Ani started to revisit her memories at Brentley School, where she came by scholarship and other students admission done by donation. So now she have a both types of friend intelligent and rich. Arthur is the closest friend of her.

Luckiest girl alive review : Ending Explain [2022 Movie].
source : google | luckiest girl alive movie

When the school conducted the Brentley School Fall Dance event in 1999, Ani and her friends join this party but this time Arthur is away from her. So Hillary asked Ani to join her as they left the school premise to party at Dean’s house but she decided to stay in party.

When she lost her sense, her classmate Peyton making out with her and left her to bathroom floor. After Peyton left she tried to escape from there but other boys would not let her escape. she is bleeding and yet her boyfriend Liam forced her. After this she successful to escape there.

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After all of that she entered in Din’s bedroom and wear her clothes but din enter in room and raped her there. She managed to punch him and escape there. After all of that accident she not to choose case on anyone because of her mother and hide everything from world.

Luckiest girl alive review : Ending Explain [2022 Movie].
source : google | luckiest girl alive movie

However, Arthur is against Ani to not doing any action against rapist so he forced Ani to take some action against them because this not a first time when Liam done rape. So one day ben enter the room and shoot Peyton in head and Liam on back. And Arthur also shoot din on leg.

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